Returnee with his wife, courtesy of Jason Florio

The 9 graduation films presented at ZeLIG Pitching Week

These are the 9 graduation films which were presented on October 9, in the framework of the ZeLIG Pitching Week, which will realised in the next months. 

Free Bird

Since I can remember, the feeling of “Fernweh” accompanies me throughout my entire life. An emotion of wanting to leave - wanting to go in distant lands to explore, learn, study, Ind answers to questions concerning oneself and life. The german term “Fernweh” literally can be translated as the painful longing for the faraway.

Director: Julie Hössle
Photography: Andrea Bertoldi
Editing: Claudia Gerstl

- - - - -

Love and Hate in Magazzeno

Set in the vast lands of South Italy, a mosaic of portraits will tell the story of those who try to make a life worth living.

Director: Giuseppe Crudele
Photography: Marcus Zahn
Editing: Petra Pirandello

- - - - -


After being able to set himself free from his tormented past, Andrea still has one more dream: paint the chapel of a church, but what he doesn’t know is that maybe something bigger is waiting for him.

Director: Thomas Saglia
Photography: Luca Zontini
Editing: Giulia Micheli

- - - - -


A group of friends traces their adolescence lived in 1997 in Albania. Their memories will reconstruct the period in which the country has gone through the most dramatic social and economic crisis of the last 20 years.

Director/Editor: Erald Dika
Photography: Simone Endrizzi

- - - - -

No Kids for me, thank you

Up until now I have always avoided the question: “Do you want to have children?” The answer is no, I don’t. Does this make me less of a woman?

Director: Linda Nyman
Photography: Tamara Diepold
Editing: Emma Baruffaldi

- - - - -


An ex refugee tries to rebuild his life after being brought back to his country of origin. The dream of feeling at home again seems unreachable.

Director: Clara Delva
Photography: Mark Modric
Editing: Iain Beairsto

- - - - - 

The Fourth Rope

Andrea and Federica are a couple who practices bondage; through their experiences and of other couples we discover their world and this practice.

Director: Caterina Ferrari
Photography: Annachiara Gislimberti
Editing: Gabriella Cosmo

- - - - -

The Pace of Water

The descent of a stream, from the cave of the last sheperd on the Majella massif down oH the coast of Pescara, during a night on a Ishing boat.

Director: Antonio Di Biase
Photography: Mattia Ottaviani
Editing: Aaron Beitz

- - - - -


The strong testimony that Theo, a 4-year-old boy affected by muscular dystrophy, unconsciously oHers through his own existence, leads me to question myself about the meaning of life and re-evaluate my own priorities.

Director: Maria Boldrin
Photography: Julian Giacomuzzi
Editing: Nadja Werner

- - - - -

Cover photo: "Returnee with his wife" courtesy of Jason Florio