ZeLIG at "Doc At Work Campus" at Festival dei Popoli

ZeLIG at "Doc At Work Campus" at Festival dei Popoli

Doc at Work Campus is an initiative organised in the framework of the 59th Festival dei Popoli, which takes place in Florence (Italy). Doc at Work Campus focuses on the work done by Italian film schools, in the belief that their activity plays a strategic role as regards not only training, but also the entire audio-visual sector. 

ZeLIG will present two films realised by our students during their second year of studies. Emanuele Vernillo - tutor at ZeLIG’s three-year program - will be present at the event.


Monday, November 5th, Spazio Alfieri, 3:00pm

COME SE NULLA FOSSE - by Clara Delva, Nadja Werner and Marcus Zahn

In Bolzano, the area of the bus station has become the object of desire of a big urban regeneration project that plans on improving an allegedly run-down area by building a large mall. The film describes this area and its conflicts through the point of view of the undesirable if the property speculation went through.


Wednesday, November 7th, Spazio Alfieri, 3:00pm

IL VILLAGGIO - by Caterina Ferrari, Annachiara Gislimberti, Caterina Ferrari

A large interport in the north of Italy, an anonymous logistics hub that shelters both fleeting and regular inhabitants, i.e. the truck drivers who move goods all across Europe. They form a nomadic community that gives a new meaning to the inert spaces of the parking lot: gestures, habits, meetings, as well as cooking make up a shared space, almost a village.