The sacristan and the Threepenny Opera

  • Director: Melanie Brugger
    Cinematography: Maria Weber
    Editing: Annette Bott

  • duration: 41'
  • production year: 2007
  • original title: Der Mesner und die Dreigroschenoper
  • genre: Faith, Male, Personal memory, Personal Viewpoint, Portrait

"People think that you'll have a place high in heaven for having a chapel. I don't care. To get a high position in heaven means a lot of suffering on Earth. To be happy on Earth is worth more. than a special place in heaven. Suffering I hate the most. I'm not a man for sacrifices!" ...says Oswald, winds up his beloved "friend of the house", the gramophone, and sings the song of the Insufficiency of Human Endeavour. What does a human being need to live a happy life on earth? Even if he doesn't own one meter of land on Earth, Oswald Mur has accomplished his long-cherished dream and built himself his own chapel. Right down to the last detail he equipped it with self-made statues, paintings and ornaments. On the other side he dedicates himself to the music, particularly the Threepenny Opera. In his opinion the beloved bell-ringing for the Lord and the human abysses which are subject of the Threepenny Opera don't contradict themselves. Liberated from social conventions he created his own world and becomes a border-crosser between the outside world and his own. The film takes us on a journey through a little universe, in which things are made with more love and human infallibility is kindly taken for a ride.