Our Mission

Our Mission

ZeLIG is a cooperative founded in 1988 with the aim of providing education and training in the audiovisual production sector.

Since its foundation, ZeLIG has kept pace with all the great many changes in the world of audiovisuals, and time and time again has been able to successfully interpret those developments and incorporate them while being ever faithful to the ZeLIG mission: “Multicultural professional training in filmmaking, digital media and television.”

ZeLIG’s focus is on creating “visual portrayals of the real world”, without limitations to genre. The quality of the ZeLIG experience has received recognition internationally.

ZeLIG is located in the heart of the area known as Südtirol – South Tyrol, and takes its cue from the multicultural and multilingual realities that thrive there. ZeLIG works closely with leading film schools and audiovisual production centers in Europe and all over the world.

ZeLIG has been recognized for its excellence as an institution that has attracted hundreds of young (and not so young) aspiring filmmakers, and boasts a teaching staff comprised of seasoned professionals from a host of different countries.

With the advent of digital, the demand for multimedia content has seen exponential growth. The production of that content has assumed a key role in all media sectors throughout the world. ZeLIG considers this development an important strategic factor, not only in economic terms, but on a broad social level, where we can contribute to cultural development worldwide.

In this context, media sectors are crying out for new and original audiovisual products, which has resulted in an increased demand for professionals with the skills to create them. Multicultural professional training in audiovisual production at ZeLIG is aimed at providing students with specific skills and know-how, and creating professionals versed in the latest developments of the audiovisual sector who can meet the demands of a global market with competence and flexibility. ZeLIG’s three-year program is geared toward training highly motivated and talented people who are passionate about filmmaking.