ZeLIG is the place where the world meets for a visual presentation of the real world.

ZeLIG was founded in 1988 where Italian and German culture coexist – in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy.

ZeLIG speaks three languages – German, Italian, English.

ZeLIG offers an innovative three-year study course, well-suited to the labour market.

ZeLIG also offers up-to-date training for professionals on a European level, especially the international training of ESoDoc European Social Documentary.

ZeLIG develops new and innovative trainings options, tailored to the needs of the changing audiovisual industry.

ZeLIG places great emphasis on worldwide networking.

ZeLIG brings together students and teachers from Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Australia.

ZeLIG teachers all have a practical background.

ZeLIG looks after the students, promotes team spirit, creativity and personality.

ZeLIG aims for highly motivated people with passion and talent.