Südtirol Testet
Südtirol Testet

During 20. and 22. November 2020, the local Governement of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano decides to take an important action against the spread of the SARS CoV-2 infections: to test all the population to have a clearer idea of the numbers of the infections.

The event is coordinated by the Sanitary Department and by the Civil Protection, and ca. 1000 doctors and 1500 civil workers are involved; 362.050 will be, at the end, the citizens who have been tested.

As part of their education, ZeLIG students have documented those days: in 8 small crews, they have realised 8 short documentaries, and each of them has a unique point of view and tells of a particular aspect of that important event, which will remain for a long time in the memories for the local population. 


by Chiara Capo, Anna Schweitzer, Giovanni Mistroni




by Kaspar Panizza, Lorenzo Covi



Zusammen Denken

by Kyrylo Naumko, Margherita Duca, Emanuele Vernillo




by Antonio Catanese, Felix Rier, Angela Disanto




by Marija Stefánija Linuža, Hannah Hütter, Emanuele Vernillo




by Otto Reuschel, Nicola Maccanetti, Andrea Tomarchio




by Matilde Ramini, Julia Inderst, Alessandra Bassi



Guardando in alto

by Lilian Sassanelli, Giordano Di Stasio, Lucija Ana Ilijić