ZeLIG is a cooperative founded in 1988 with the aim of providing education and training in the audiovisual production sector.

Since its foundation, ZeLIG has kept pace with all the great many changes in the world of audiovisuals, and time and time again has been able to successfully interpret those developments and incorporate them while being ever faithful to the ZeLIG mission: “Multicultural professional training in filmmaking, digital media and television.”

ZeLIG’s focus is on creating “visual portrayals of the real world”, without limitations to genre. The quality of the ZeLIG experience has received recognition internationally.



ESoDoc Session 2 in Bolzano: public lectures and screening
  • Jul 11, 2018

The second session of ESoDoc 2018 will take place in Bolzano, from July 16 till 22 at the Free University of Bolzano

ZeLIG's Virtual Reality Showcase in Bolzano
  • May 10, 2018

From April 26 till 29, in the framework of Teaching Documentary II, ZeLIG organized a showcase of VR projects in Bolzano, ZeLIG’s hometown.


Training Offers

ZeLIG provides professional training in documentary filmmaking. The program is aimed at preparing young people for careers in filmmaking and the audiovisual sector. Specific attention is focused on documentary cinema in all its forms.


ESoDoc - European Social Documentary è un progetto formativo offerto da ZeLIG, una delle poche scuole europee ad occuparsi esclusivamente di film documentari. ESoDoc è sostenuto dal programma MEDIA della Unione Europea, e può vantare un'estesa rete di partner che comprende numerose istituzioni di tutto il mondo.


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