At the edge of the empire

  • Director: Pierluca Ditano
    Cinematography: Giovanni Benini
    Editing: Michal Shanny
    Soundrecordist: Gabriele Borghi, Pierluca Ditano

  • duration: 30'
  • production year: 2015
  • original title: Ai Confini dell'Impero

Borghetto all'Adige, until the end of the WWI, was the custom border between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Italian Kingdom. The milestone of the old border is a great source of pride for its inhabitants. But what has become of that historical place at the feet of the Alps? Nowadays, the village is at the margins of economical life and its strength comes from the community. Living a reality of free and empty time, when work is rare, time is passed by in nothingness and in attempts to avoid troubles.