Transition Blu

  • Director: Dorothea Braun
    Cinematographer: Selina Becker
    Editing: Agnese Blumtritt
    Sound: Agnese Blumtritt, Dorothea Braun, Beatrice Segolini

  • duration: 30 min
  • production year: 2015
  • original title: Transition Blu

Brenner/Brennero: an ancient village on an ancient path between north and south embodies in it's geography the opposing desires between those who are passing by and those who are forced to stay. Stucked between an outsized shopping mall, forested mountains and windy, olympian highways, this shrinking, lost village on the invisible borderline between Italy and Austria seems facing an eternal time of change and elusiveness. This strong influence of changing, the violence of the surrounding nature and the passing of stucking male passengers are constantly shaping this place's aura of absurdity, tristess and blueness. We are seeking that blues-feeling throughout the film, stopping here and there with the camera, meeting and observing people and situations on the search for a glimpse of hope, which will shine through rays of neon lights by the end of this film.