Roots and Wings

  • Director: Lisa Wimmer
    Cinematography: Gero Hecker
    Editing: Luca Saggin
    Soundrecordist: Beniamino Casagrande

  • duration: 58'
  • production year: 2013
  • original title: Roots and Wings

A father and a daughter are living thousands of miles away from each other. German paragliding pioneer Oliver Guenay explored new areas for paragliding from Uzbekistan to Chile in the last twenty years. His Chilean daughter Eloisa grew up without him in a bourgeois world in Santiago de Chile and has never traveled further than to the neighboring Argentina. Her native language is Spanish and she speaks only basic English. Oliver masters many languages, but his Spanish is quite limited. Until now, the contact between the two was limited to occasional visits by Oliver to Chile. Now Eloisa just turned 18, admires her father and wants to learn paragliding from him. Oliver agreed to travel to Chile and teach her flying. These flying lessons may change everything: her desire challenges him not only as a paraglider, but especially as a father.