fragments | alto fragile

  • Director: Benjamin Thum
    Cinematography: Mike Ramsauer
    Editing: Emanuela Macchiniz

  • duration: 30''
  • production year: 2013
  • original title: Fragments

“fragments | alto fragile," an experiment fusing documentary and video art film, symbolizing the inner emotional state of the filmmaker to his homeland; constructed of scenes, words, fragments and its internal tensions. Incomplete scenes reflecting the inner restlessness: from growing old to past memories and its fascination, from traditions to fanaticism, from deep-soaked religion to natural instinct and lust, from the thirst for distraction to the battle with oneself, from escaping and returning to the native land, until the search for love and a new beginning. An expressive journey that inspires the viewer to a personal interpretation. Poetically expressed with the words of "enfant terrible" of South Tyrol`s Norbert C. Kaser.