Being You, Being Me

  • Director: Alexandra Kaufmann
    Cinematography: Lucia Alessi
    Editing: Giulia Maniezzo
    Soundrecordist: Giulia Maniezzo
    Soundrecordist: Tiziana Poli
    Soundrecordist: Vasili Vikhliaev

  • duration: 42 Min.
  • production year: 2013
  • original title: Being You, Being Me
  • genre: Education, Personal memory, Personal Viewpoint, Portrait, Social, Youth

In his world one can talk to animals, pray to the universe for having sun or rain or snow, whatever you need. In his world you can mean “yes” and “no” at the same time. Welcome to the world of my little brother Johannes! Seconds changed his life, and consequently mine. A fall turned a healthy child into a life task. Being You, Being Me is the story of my brother who fell from bed when he was one year old and suffered severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Out of this medically hopeless case, a positive young man developed. It has been a long, painful journey, which has demanded a lot from my family. But it has been worth it. Whoever gets to know Johannes feels what I am talking about.