Notes from the sky

  • Director: Lisa Wimmer, Luca Saggin
    Cinematographer: Lisa Wimmer, Laura Cesarini
    Editing: Luca Saggin
    Sound: Luca Saggin

  • duration: 9'30
  • production year: 2011
  • original title: Notes from the sky
  • genre: Adventure, Biography, Lifestyle, Male, Nature & Environment, Personal Viewpoint, Portrait, Travelling

Christian Mader's passions do not know boundaries. Usual skeptics told him that it would be impossible for a hot air balloon to take off amidst the mountains of South Tyrol. But being a professional clown for more than 25 years, he is eager to prove the doubtful wrong and to open our minds for new reflections. To him life is a continuous search for his self, both on stage and in the air. He is fearless and constantly curious – a seeker and traveler. A balloon voyage experience translates into a metaphor of life: Ballooning means losing control, accepting the unforeseen, trusting one's skills and having the confidence to be carried by the wind.