A glitter dream

  • Director: Brett Orloff
    Cinematography: Melina Huppertz
    Editing: Brett Orloff

  • duration: 27'
  • production year: 2010
  • original title: Un sogno brillante
  • genre: Culture, Female, Lifestyle

This film is a story of two girls who share the same dream: they both want to become burlesque artists. The 23-year old Giulia arrived to Milan from a small town in the South of Italy a few months ago. She came to the big city to pursue her dream of becoming a burlesque dancer and to study in a professional make-up school. Vittoria who is the same age as Giulia feels already comfortable on the stage and in the spotlight. She is a singer looking to add something special to catch the eye of the audiences. Both girls are beautiful, driven and talented in their own special ways. But only one of them is going to make it to the glamourous burlesque stage. Who is it going to be?