Ape Maria

  • Director: Greta Mentzel
    Cinematography: Jorge Yetano
    Editing: Pia Profanter

  • duration: 28
  • production year: 2004
  • original title: Ape Maria
  • genre: Adventure, Lifestyle, Male, Youth

The Ape (pronounced "Ah-pay") by the Italian manufacturer Piaggio is a small three-wheeled vehicle. It requires no license to operate, while the minimum age to drive one is 14. For two sixteen-year-olds from the South Tyrol region of Italy, Andreas and Platzer, the Ape means freedom. For these kids, the Ape is also a way to express themselves. They spend their free time working on their Apes, souping up their engines and giving them all-new and original looks. The film depicts several episodes in the lives of the two main characters as it provides a portrait of teenage life in South Tyrol.