Masters of Time

  • Director: Benoit Felici
    Cinematography: Philipp Grieß
    Editing: Brett Orloff
    Soundrecordist: Lars Gehrmann
    Music: Sven Kurt Albertini

  • duration: 8'31
  • production year: 2009
  • original title: I signori del tempo
  • genre: Elderly, Human Interest, Male, Personal Viewpoint

Gianni, Tino and Willy are 3 members of the ?time keepers? -association of Bolzano. It is their Hobby and passion. Since years, this activity is part of their lives - and especially since they retired. A plenty of time after a life time of serving the job and also the others; Finally the retirement! And no-one is disturbing. No-one, also because time went on, love is gone, together with the short moments when it was still possible to repair the regrets. The moments are gone when it was simple to say what one wanted or needed.Now, it is too late.