Fremmen - stories from South Tyrol

  • Director: Martin Fliri
    Cinematographer: Fabio De Felice, Nina Hoegg, Bastian Esser, Jakob Stark
    Editing: Marina Baldo
    Sound: Veronika Kaserer, Brett Orloff, Lars Gehrmann

  • duration: 22'
  • production year: 2009
  • original title: Fremmen - Geschichten aus Südtirol
  • genre: Ethnography, Personal memory, Personal Viewpoint, Society

"Identity" is in South Tyrol always a big topic to talk about - above all politicians do so. In 2009 the 200th anniversary of the tyrolean rebellion against Napoleon gets reminded. All over the region a lot of events will deal with this historical topic, which in todays perception is mainly connected to the identity of the population. A documentary film and contribution to this anniversary in four pictures of daily life.