The keys to paradise

  • Director: Caterina Carone
    Cinematography: Melanie Brugger

  • duration: 49'
  • production year: 2007
  • original title: Le chiavi per il paradiso
  • genre: Elderly, Migration, Personal memory, Portrait, Society, Travelling

Of all the places where I could have been born, why did it happen in Sant'Omero? Was it necessary to be female without baptism in such a religious place? The keys to paradise is unlikely voyage searching for something to believe in. Right in her home town Sant'Omero, a small village in centre of Italy, the director Caterina decides to give it a try. The unaware heroes of her childhood, Creola (77 y.o.), Leandro (89 y.o.) and Angelo (68 y.o.), become the guides of this arduous and, at times, surreal search for meaning...