• Director: János Richter
    Cinematographer: Jakob Stark
    Editing: Milena Holzknecht
    Sound: Luigi Pepe

  • duration: 17'45
  • production year: 2009
  • original title: Glückskind
  • genre: Biography, Culture, Music, Portrait, Youth

Manuela Kerer is a restless soul who usually works far into the night. Even as a child she spent many hours learning to play the violin and the piano and did competitive sports at the same time. Today, at age 28, she has earned four uni­versity degrees and is doing Ph.D.s in law and psychology parallely. But her main interest is composing. Manuela calls herself blessed. Her fortune, she be­lieves, is connected to her mother who deceased early. To be free of obliga­tions and calm down some day is her biggest wish. But she knows quite well that this is hardly possible. Her inner restlessness, which is also mirrored by her music, is just to big.