I have a house

  • Director: Jànos Richter
    Cinematography: Francesca Scalisi
    Editing: Milena Holzknecht

  • duration: 15'30
  • production year: 2008
  • original title: Ich habe ein Haus
  • genre: Male, Portrait

"Material things just suggest me safety that actually doesn't exist", says Willi Tratter, a 43-year-old self-employed businessman from Bozen. Last year he sold his house. Now he lives in a caravan in an apple orchard of a friend of him. Here he enjoys the simple things in life like taking a shower out in the open or having a little dance in the garden. Next to his caravan he put a luxurious whirlpool, which he constantly keeps at 39 °C. Willi is divorced and cannot imagine to get married again. His last girlfriend left him because he did not want to have children. He calls himself an "egoist". Willi's big dream is to live on a sailing boat travelling the world.