How I Am

  • Director: Ingrid Demetz
    Co-Director: Caroline Leitner
    Cinematography: Daniel Mazza
    Editing: Caroline Leitner
    Soundrecordist: Cornelia Schöpf

  • duration: 49'
  • production year: 2007
  • original title: Wie Ich Bin
  • genre: Human Interest, Personal Viewpoint, Portrait, Social, Youth

"I'm like a hermit on an island". This is what Patrick writes about his life as an autistic who lives caught in his own body. With the wisdom of a thinker and the dreams and fears of a teenager, Patrick takes us on a trip into his world and allows us a glimpse of his inner feelings. How do we get to know a person? Is verbal exchange a necessary requirement to get closer to somebody or do the gestures describe his essence? As far as Patrick is concerned, both of these theories lose of importance. In the foreground his spoken words and his body language tell about his disability, but they don't give us any information about his emotional world. It is impossible to guess what he feels or thinks.