Two important awards for our film CLOUDY MEMORIES

Two important awards for our film CLOUDY MEMORIES

Our graduation film "CLOUDY MEMORIES", realised by Isabella Friedl and Demetra Rizzi, started its festival distribution with two important awards.

At the 2023 edition of the International Film Festival "Crossing Europe" in Linz, Austria, which took place at the end of April, the film received the Award as Best Film in the Competition "Local Artist"; the jury stated: "The private is political! In unadorned, intimate images the filmmaker tells a family story, which is the story of the women in her family. When grandma says: “Well, you have some guts / Na du traust’ da” she puts quite a few things in a nutshell, because: We are not used to a historiography from a female perspective. “How was it back then, with an unwanted pregnancy, to get an abortion? What kind of mother was grandmother to you? Who takes care of grandma at home, when she is suffering from dementia – she of course already took care of her own mother back in the time – and: who will, in case it is necessary, be responsible for taking care of my mother? Why are my memories so different, from yours, the filmmaker asks." In a very touching way, the film successfully shapes tabooed stories of women from different generations into a sensitive narrative, without causing them embarrassment. We see and hear the voice of a directress, who, with great kindness and her open heart is breaking the familiar silence. With this film, she is encouraging us, the audience, to finally negotiate these highly emotional questions within our own families. 101-year-old Betty Rid Soskin says: “The questions are important, the answers are only temporary."

Few days later, at the 2023 edition of the International Documentary Film Festival "Ethnocineca" which took place in Wien at the beginning of May, the film received the ADA Award as Best Austrian Documentary, with the following motivation: "For the ability to reflect on wider themes of intergenerational conflict, womanhood, tradition, and the circle of life from the intimacy of one’s own family story… For putting her film directing and editing skills as well as her tender gaze in service of telling a story about three generations of women, while revealing the characters’ complex relationships, their flaws and dreams – by exposing seemingly contradicting qualities that not only deepen our understanding of them but reveal their profound humanity…. For presenting a well-rounded film which is at the same time touching, funny and sad, and for reminding us in this way of how family bonds are as powerful as they are complex… the Austrian Documentary Award goes to CLOUDY MEMORIES by Isabella Friedl. Congratulations!" 

At the link here, you can find more informations about the film.