Dan Graham. Sonic Youth Pavilion  featuring ZeLIG "My Bolzano Sguardi sulla città"  a cura di Frida Carazzato e Elena Bini  Museion passage  17.03.2023 - 06.06.2023

24 students, 24 perspectives on Bolzano: ZeLIG presents its training films at MUSEION

ZeLIG - Bolzano Documentary School has always set out to train filmmakers of international standing. But even the world's greatest and most successful filmmakers started "small".


From the 17th of March to the 4th of June, the students of the school will present their first exercises in the exhibition "DAN GRAHAM. Sonic Youth Pavilion" at Passage, a freely accessible space on the ground floor of Museion.

With the title "My Bolzano. Views of the city.", the 24 short films that explore the city of Bolzano from 24 individual points of view will be visible by the public. Dan Graham's work contains 4 video stations, each with 6 ZeLIG films.

The title of the exercise "My Bolzano" is interpreted in a completely personal way by the students. Some of these works reflect the personal and emotional experiences of the filmmakers, while others reflect on themes of a social and cultural nature and allow us to broaden our gaze from the Alpine valley floor to society as a whole, always starting from a fundamental premise for the teaching of documentary: the telling of stories of individuals and individual humanity.

Each of these films represents an important stage in the formation of the film-makers of the future. In the years to come, students will deepen and further refine their technical and dramaturgical skills and will be ready to establish themselves as protagonists of international cinema.