Awards to ZeLIG Films

Awards to ZeLIG Films

Hidden Photos and For those who want to fire received two awards recently.

Hidden Photos got the award as Best Feature Film at the recent edition of the Poitiers Film Festival, in France, one of the leading international film festivals for young and emerging filmmakers.

Synopsis: Kim Hak, young and talented Cambodian photographer, looks for a new imaginary of his country far from the iconographic cliché represented by Angkor Wat/Khmer Rouge. Nhem En, old photographer of the Khmer Rouge regime, author of about 14.000 mug shots of prisoners destined to certain death, is planning his entry in the business of dark tourism. What image to choose to represent our history, our country? But, above all, what to do with it?

For those who want to fire the award as Best Film at the recent edition of the competition “Roberto Gavioli”, open to Italian films which deal with work conditions in the contemporary society.

Synopsis: Striving for, fending for yourself. The dignity of struggling on, dealing with life. A story of hard work and arduous life in the shade of the largest open-air market in Europe.