Teaching the Documentary Symposium - Bolzano, April 26-29, 2018

Teaching the Documentary Symposium - Bolzano, April 26-29, 2018

The next Teaching Documentary II Symposium will take place in Bolzano, from April 26 till 29, 2018 - in conjunction with the celebration of ZeLIG's 30th anniversary.

The first Teaching Documentary Symposium that took place in Cardiff back in November 2014. The new edition will take a deep look at the newest developments in the field of documentary which will profoundly influence training methods and contents.

Indeed documentary is always shifting and changing, and these will be some of the key themes of the symposium:

  • Documentary Storytelling for a Changing Industry: thinking about distribution strategies & crowdsourcing from the start
  • Documentary Storytelling - New Forms: interdisciplinary / participative forms, VR, transmedia, augmented reality, "slow" cinema
  • New Markets: Netflix, Amazon, VoD, Web, Streaming
  • New Formats: long-form series, investigative author-driven docs

More information - and the link to the registration form - can be found at https://teachingdocumentary.com/