From head to Sky

  • Director: Debora Scaperrotta
    Cinematography: Harald Erschbaumer
    Editing: Valentina Zaggia
    Soundrecordist: Martine De Biasi
    Soundrecordist: Eva Lageder
    Music: Federico Campana
    Music: Manuel Randi

  • duration: 54'
  • production year: 2010
  • original title: Dalla testa al cielo
  • genre: Education, Human Interest, Migration, Personal Viewpoint, Politics, Portrait, Social, Youth
What makes us so alike? The need to love, the impossibility of escaping from life's complexities, and often the feeling of being on the outside of the physical and psychological "locations" we find ourselves in, and the conflictual relationships with those responsible for bringing us into the world. Mohammed is a young man. His body has imposed serious reflection on the meaning of life, as well his own very particular perspective. He once set out on a journey from Morocco, leaving his Homeland in search of a new dimension, in search of himself. Detachment, distance, growing, mapping out one's life. In short... "From head to the Sky".