Application tests - online preselection

Test 1 – The Essay

Applicants must write an essay, explaining why they want to attend ZeLIG. Essays must be submitted in PDF format and:

  • Briefly describe your academic history and what you feel have been your most important work experiences and your skills acquired;
  • Provide your reasons for applying to ZeLIG, including concrete experiences that led you to apply;
  • Include any information regarding special needs.

Each description should be no longer than 1,500 characters (spaces not included).

The file and text must contain the name of the applicant.


Test 2 – Documentary Film Project

Applicants must write a proposal for a documentary film project based on the theme “Around the Corner”.

Applicants are encouraged to interpret the assigned theme is a free and creative manner. The important thing is to describe the film and what happens in it, rather than expound on abstract theoretical issues.

Documentary film projects must contain the following:

  • Title and subtitle (if applicable)
  • Introduction
    Use one or at most two sentences to succinctly describe the focus of your film and what it’s about.
  • Synopsis
    Provide a clear description of the story told in your film, the various layers and subplots, and the development of the narrative. Keep in mind that you are being asked to tell what happens in the film, and not for an essay on the theme assigned.
  • Main Characters
    Describe the main characters in the film. They may be people, of course, but also other living and even non-living things. Explain their roles, discuss what they do, their relevance and what happens to them. Your description should help anyone reading the project to imagine what your characters are really like.
  • Stylistic Approach
    Describe the kind of film you aim to make in terms of style and filmic language. Also tell us the point of view you plan to adopt and which artistic elements you’d like to include.

Your documentary film project must include all the above points and must be no longer than 3,000 characters (spaces not included), and submitted as a PDF.

The file and text must contain the name of the applicant.

Test 3 - Video Presentation of yourself

Applicants must record a 2-part video with a maximum total running time 2 minutes 30 seconds.

  • Part 1 - 1 Minute (max.)
    Show us your skills and potential. The only limit is length. Reveal your artistic personality in this video entitled “This is Me!”

  • Part 2 - 1 Minute 30 seconds (max.)
    Film an interview of yourself: use either a head shot or a three-quarter shot. Provide the following information as if you were answering an interviewer’s questions:
    • Recount an experience that taught you a lot;
    • Select and give a presentation of an everyday object that in some way represents who you are, and explain why;
    • Tell us about what you expect to get out of the ZeLIG experience;
    • Tell us about your professional goals and the career you one day hope to pursue.

Video presentations must be uploaded onto a delivery platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Applicants may provide a link (and password, if necessary) for viewing below.

Do not attach video files to this online application form!